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Long Island Barber Institute, Inc. Expands Its Business Scope, Giving Its Company a New Name

Barber & Beauty Institute of New York”

Hempstead, New York, July 15, 2018 – Long Island Barber Institute is taking its 12 years of reputation in barber and appearance enhancement education to the next level. The Institute is now given a new name “Barber & Beauty Institute of New York.”

Barber & Beauty Institute of New York exceeds the average barber school. The Institute’s programs are established to prepare students to sit for the New York State Barber Operator exam. Barber & Beauty Institute of New York offers Barber Operator, Barber Apprentice, Barbering for Cosmetologists II, and Concepts of Natural Hair Styling courses. It also provides a Skills Refresher course for registered apprentice barbers who need to learn how to successfully pass the state exam.

The Institute has both full and part-time classes. Attending full-time, one can finish the 700 hours required to become a licensed barber in 7 months.

The Institute’s first class graduated in October 2007. Thanks to the active job placement and recruitment services all graduates were employed.

“I actually graduated from here 5 years ago, and it’s taken me places that I never believed I’d actually be,” said Manuel Canales, one of the grateful alumni of Long Island Barber Institute. He is currently a licensed instructor at the Barber & Beauty Institute of New York.

The founders, Christopher and Cynthia Felder established the Long Barber Island Institute in 2004. Through personal sacrifices, resourcefulness, and determination, they achieved their vision in 2006 when they were approved by the Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) to open the doors to the only proprietary barber school on Long Island.

Christopher, Founder/Executive Director and Cynthia, Director of Administration, are proud proprietors of Barber & Beauty Institute of New York. They exhibit their community-mindedness by providing training that fosters job creation, economic development, community improvement, community service, and positive social outlets that are intended for all citizens of the Village of Hempstead and surrounding communities of Nassau, Suffolk and Queens’s counties.

Founded more than a decade ago, the Barber & Beauty Institute of New York is a family-owned and operated career school. They are focused on the principles of professionalism and precision. The school takes pride in its long-running reputation and track record of graduating students whom have gone on to have successful careers.

About Long Island Barber Institute, Inc./ Barber & Beauty Institute of New York:

Parent company Long Island Barber Institute, Inc. is raising the bar in vocational training and expanding its business scope with “Barber & Beauty Institute of New York”. This is an organization with a dedicated mission to offer quality barber and appearance enhancement education. They allow students to learn through theory in which they develop elite practical skills. This is vital to passing the Barbering or Appearance Enhancement board exam and to attain gainful employment in the industry. The institute is dedicated to training the many people who will become professionals in Barbering and Appearance Enhancement.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide quality Barber and Appearance Enhancement education that enables students to learn through theory in which they develop practical skills essential to passing the New York State Board Exam, receive licensure, and attain gainful employment within in the industry. This institution is committed to training millions of individuals who will become professionals in Barbering and Appearance Enhancement in New York and throughout the World.

School Credentials

Recognized as an eligible institution to participate in the Federal Financial Aid Program by the United States Department of Education
Barber and Beauty Institute Inc, is incorporated in the State of New York.

Member of the Coalition of NYS Career Schools Association
437 Old Albany Post Road
Garrison, N.Y. 10524
(845) 788-5070

Accredited by the National Accrediting Commission of Career Arts & Sciences
3015 Colvin St. Alexandria Va 22314
(703) 600-7600

Licensed by the New York State Education Department
Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS)
Room 974,
Education Building Annex
Albany, N.Y. 12234
(518) 474-3969

Practical Exam center for the New York State Department of State Division of Licensing Services
P.O BOX 22001
Albany N.Y. 12201
(518) 474-4429

We are a licensed proprietary school on Long Island offering state board practical training in one of the fastest growing industries in the country. We are a private institution with a talented team of licensed individuals consisting of an Educational Director, Admissions Staff, Licensed Instructors, and School Agents. With the rapid growth and demand for licensed barbers, this institution is theoretically and practically prepared to train individuals who will meet the hiring needs in the field.

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