Master Barber



Finish in 6-9 months (depending on schedule and attendance)

Our Barber course is our most popular course. It’s the perfect blend of theory and hands-on skill work, with traditional barbering techniques and new trends. You’ll build your confidence on mannequins before mastering your craft in our student barbershop, open to the public for services. This course goes beyond the apprentice level, training students for the state board exam in preparation for barbershop supervision and ownership.

I knew from the first day at BBINY that this was the best decision I’ve made. The instructors at BBINY were great. I received a lot of knowledge through their teaching as well as what to expect in the Barbering industry. I have faced many challenges in which the instructors were patient and taught me how to handle each and every situation accordingly.   – Anibal N., BBINY Graduate


  • Implements, Tools, and Equipment
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Infection Control and Safe Work Practice
  • Shaving
  • Facial Hair Design
  • Men’s Facial Massage and Treatments
  • Barbershop Management
  • Job Search
  • State Board Preparation and Licensing Laws


  • Identify the principal tools and implements used in the practice of barbering
  • Learn the key haircutting techniques used in men’s haircutting
  • Master the art of shaving
  • Gain an understanding of the business of Barbering
  • Enhance your ability successfully pass the state the board exam
  • Job placement services