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  • Licensing Requirements

Job opportunities are generally good for barbers in New York State with an average salary of $41,000. However, a number of factors including the size and location of a barber shop, clients' tipping habits, and competition from other barbershops; determine the total income of barbers. One of the best aspects of being a licensed barber is the range of employment options that it provides. You can choose to work as a part-time or full-time employee at an hourly rate, as an independent contractor, or as a barbershop owner. Both independent contracting and barbershop ownership requires an established clientele to ensure success. A barber's initiative and ability to attract and hold regular clients are key factors in determining his or her earnings. Earnings for entry-level barbers are usually low; however, for those who stay in the profession, earnings can be considerably higher. About 48 percent of barbers are self-employed; many also work flexible hours.

Working as a barber you will spend the majority of your time in a standing position therefore, good health and stamina is important. Most full-time barbers put in a 40-hour week, but longer hours are common. Work schedules may include evenings and weekends when barbershops are the busiest.

State barber boards and health departments require that sanitary mesures and universal precautions be applied while servicing the public. Contagious diseases, skin infections, and blood poisoning can be caused by the transmission of infectious material from one individual to another or through the use of unsanitized combs, clippers, razors, shears or other barbering implements. Professional barbers are responsible for employing sanitation methods that will help to safeguard their health and the health of clients

Upon graduation, each student shall submit an application to engage in the practice of barbering to the division of licensing services. Each application shall be accompanied by:

  • Two recent photographs of the application of size prescribed by the Secretary of State
  • Satisfactory evidence of good moral character
  • Certification from a physician showing freedom from any infectious or communicable disease
  • Evidence of the successful completion of a course of study concerning the transmission of contagious diseases and the proper methods of sterilization

Sources: Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Outlook

Handbook, 2021 Edition.

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